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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Short Notes of my Life
returned in June to Florence, where we continued * house of Mr. Horace Mann till May of the following 1741, when we went to the fair of Eeggio.   There M**' left me, going to Venice with Mr. Francis Whith' Mr. John Chute, for the festival of the Ascension.    1 at Eeggio of a kind of quinsy, and was given over f1" hours, escaping with great difficulty.
I went to Venice with Henry Clinton, Earl of I/**. and Mr. Joseph Spence, Professor of Poetry, and ^ month's stay there, returned with them hy sea from ^ landing at Antibes, and by the way of Toulon, Mar*** Aix, and through Languedoc to Montpellier, Toulou^** Orleans, arrived at Paris, where I left the Earl ar* Spence, and landed at Dover, September 12th, 1741* having been chosen Member of Parliament for KelH11* in Cornwall, at the preceding General Election, ^ Parliament put a period to my father's admimW which had continued above twenty years.
February 9th, 1743, my father resigned, and WOH <"ri Earl of Orford. He left the house in Downing Street I**' ing to the Exchequer, and retired to one in Arlington *** opposite to that in which I was born, and which * where the additional building to Mr. Pelham's houtw* stands.
March 23rd, 1742, I spoke in the House of Commo*1 the first time, against the motion for a Secret Commit^ my father. This speech was published in the mag»^ but was entirely false, and had not one paragraph *»! real speech in it.
July 14th, I wrote The Lesson for the Day, in a 1*41* Mr. Mann ; and Mr. Coke, son of Lord Lovel, cumin while I was writing it, took a copy, and dispersocl i it got into print, but with many additions, and w»t original of a great number of things of that sort.